Wednesday, February 9, 2011


It has been quite a while since I have posted. Basically I keep my facebook page for my handcrafted items more up to date, but even them it's not full blown posts. It's hard to think of what to talk about in relation to my craft, because it's not so much that I don't do things related but to think of new things to talk about about it is hard. There is only so many things I feel I can say, without getting too personal. I have a personal blog on livejournal for my personal thoughts.

Anyway. I am no longer doing "dog bows" but now I am doing soaps and jewelry. I know it's a huge chance of pace! But really, who the hell wants a dog bow? There are lots of people, and there are more than enough places to get them in relation to those who actually use them (I don't use them every day myself, I use plastic barretts).

Anyway, so now my etsy has liquid soap (body wash), and graphics still. Coming VERY SOON are jewelry pieces, and hard (bar) soap when the shipment of materials comes in. I am very excited about this!

Please check and 'like' my facebook, I will post here too perhaps more often than I do.
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