Thursday, October 28, 2010


Hey all, not sure who out there really reads this. Perhaps give me a quick hello so I can know that I'm actually talking to someone? Anyone? lol

Anyway, Jacob is gone now. I'm pretty devastated but it's something so familiar now that I am doing an ok job, for now, at just ignoring it. I've been keeping busy playing my game and assessing in my head what projects I have that I can do now, since Jacob was kind enough to spend money on my hobbies. I got a crapload of ribbons since he's been here, and a lot of them are holiday themed, Christmas in particular, and I will hopefully be getting those ready and I'll have more time to push any sales. I haven't made any sales at all on Etsy yet other than the banners and business cards. But yeah.

Also my aunt taught me about gluebooks. Has anyone ever attempted one of these? Jacob and I found a spiraled sketch pad in the bargain area at B&N for $6. I don't really like the cover, but we got some magazines from a thrift store for .25 cents each and I am going to collage over the cover. I did this before for a journal that I really didn't like the cover of and used for computer notes and it came in real handy and I love how it turned out. I'm hoping this will be good, also.

I'm pretty excited for that, and Halloween too. There is a huge party at my complex going on and I did a lot for it, well moreso Jacob and I since he bought everything. I bought my mom a new sewing machine when I had money, not sure if I mentioned this or not, and she helped me make a costume. I figure spending a little on a machine would be good since I rarely can afford new clothes, she can just help me repair the ones I have when they get holes and stuff. Anyway, Jacob helped to purchase the materials for the costume. He also bought the stuff that I put into the treat bags I'll be giving out at the party. There's tons of stuf: glow stick bracelets, halloween activity pads (tiny tiny!), skeleton keychain, skeleton book marks, candy of various types including chocolate, little critter things that are just for fun, tongue tattoos.. I can't remember if there's anything else. It'll be fun. Also, there will be many a bloody mary involved at the party for me!

Oh yeah, and we found at Target these sprinkles that are like pretty big, not sure why they are called sprinkles, and they are bones that has like dried blood splatters on them. They look awesome! So we got some red velvet cake mix to make cupcakes out of. We did this before while he was here and they tasted soo good. We have halloween sprinkles to put on them plus the bones :)

Anyway, also got one of those teeny pots from Target that you can plant in and it comes with the seeds, I got some parsley. I'm just going to see if I can maintain it very well or not. I'd like some fresh herbs.

Not sure if there is anything else. I did get some of those hard foil cooking pans to cut up and make some cutters for my clay with. Oh and speaking of that, I got some Sculpey II to try and work with also. And some empty bottles, perhaps one day I will attempt to make some lotion or something.

Pictures later.


Nancy said...

I need to share some pics of my current 'gluebook' with you ... need to take some first. *lol*
What do you make with clay? And the business cards on your Etsy ... are they paper cards or ... what?
Have a GREAT time at your H'ween party!! :o)

LollisTrinkets said...

I make beads with clay when I can't find or afford ones that are the right size for the dog bows. If you scroll down on my blog there are plenty of pictures of Halloween ones I made. I think there's some metallic blue and purple ball beads that I made, too.

The business cards on my Etsy are just a design that you can use to print your own business cards from home or take to a printer, though I can technically print them for people but it will cost them more than if they just got the card paper from Walmart or whatever because you always charge a little extra for labor (plus shipping since a graphic design is only emailed there's no shipping fee).

Ty and I will! <3 u

LollisTrinkets said...

They are designs that I design for the buyer specifically **

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