Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Okay, so I started my glue book this evening (even though I feel like death). Jacob had bought me a sketch book from clearance at Barnes & Noble. It's one that is suppose to be open from the top and is like 8.5 x 11 in shape, but since I don't want to open it that way and I wanted a book that was wider rather than long (like standard paper orientation) this was the best and it was only $6.

Sooo the cover was sideways and I wasn't particular for it anyway, so I decided to grab some magazines from the thrift store that contain some things that would represent who I am pretty well (and I also had to print some things, mostly the skulls in picture are what was printed) and collage on the cover.

I had done this for another journal I got on clearance years ago and used it as a computer notes journal or whatever. It came out pretty cute and I still have it and love how it came out.

Unfortunately I didn't have the same kinds of magazines available (and I obviously was not going to spend $3+ on one magazine not to mention I'd have needed more than one) but I like how this one came out too!

Does anyone else do anything like gluebooking? Does anyone else even know what it is besides my aunt? lol


Nancy said...

I like it, Sara! It's a great beginning!
"The aunt"

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