Thursday, August 26, 2010


Well my alligator clips are going to be in the mail today! I'm not sure about the elastics, they didn't have tracking info for them. But that means I can do some major kinda damage this weekend on making bows! And I also was able to get some Fray Check yesterday. You basically can apply it to the edge of the bow flags to make them not fray. This way I don't have to be aggravated at ruining them by accidentally applying too much heat. lol Some of them I'm even considering going back and cutting off the flag and adding a new one bc I really get crazy with the whole inability to make a straight V cut and then it's like the more I try to fix it the shorter it becomes and on top of that I try to apply heat to the edges to keep it from fraying and like I said.. sometimes get too much and it just melts it even shorter LOL

Anyway just a heads up of what I'll be doing. Lots of bowssss yay. The ones with clips are aimed for people hair so basically once I get a few made I'll probably end up doing a giveaway next week of both dog and people hair bows!


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