Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Just wanted to make a lil update. My decent week took a screeching turn-around to crappy yesterday as I found out something horrible about my 'unofficial transcript' saying I have a fail grade in a class. I know I didn't fail, but Jacob took what each assignment is worth to the grade and did all the calculating and all that and he said that the grade showing on my gradebook is not wrong (it says 83% which is a B). But for some reason my transcript says I got a D. So I email my program manager and she says she can't do anything but she contacted the program ADMIN and she is out of facility on vacation as it is between terms now but she is suppose to be checking email next week. This is a pain in my butt bc now I get to worry about it. If I have to retake the class it's like $1500 and Pell won't cover it. It's out of pocket! But I know I didn't fail I did a lot of work in that class and all my tests and everything were good grades.. so wtf!

On the up I guess, I made a bracelet for myself today. I mentioned in an older post about getting these cute turtle beads. I got soo many of them I decided to make something with them. I still have over half the lot left so there are still some to make into bows.

I made this because I ran out of elastics for bows so I can't work on those until shipment comes in :/


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