Sunday, August 15, 2010


Okay well today was pretty nice. I got to hang around and relax. I started on some bows. I attempted a 2 layered bow, and I think it needs work but it's not actually half bad. I really need to think about how others do that look. I cannot find a tutorial ANYWHERE. It's like a national secret or something! I'll post a picture when it's done drying and I finish final touches on it.

I attempted a halloween one and I thought it was coming along super cute until I tried to remove the bow from the dowel rods. I have been having issues with the bows sticking to the rods when I apply stiffener spray and it sticks, but I've never had one that I couldn't get off somehow. This one just RIPPED when I tried. It was awful. I'm going to have to put finish on the dowel rods or try to find some metal ones or something. Does that exist?

Anyway, needless to say that was very disappointing. It was cute, too! UGH!


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