Saturday, August 14, 2010


Well I went to Walmart to pick up some things today and while there I looked for some bead dividing case type thing to keep all my beads in more safely. I have a small one now but .. it's small. Anyway so then I notice some beads for $1. There were little bags full with 5-10 beads in each. So I got 2 that were REALLY cute.

On the subject of beads (lol) I just have to say that it is really frustrating trying to find beads that I can use the majority of. For one, the size of beads (4-6mm) that I need for my bow making usually come in a bit of bulk (as in 10+) and it makes the price a bit higher. If I found some with like 4-8 beads in it for cheaper then I could buy more variety. The other issue is that certain types I am looking for are not really that common. Other bow makers that I have come across get really cute types of 'shank backs' and things like that for their bows, and in the right size. But I can't seem to find any. I'd REALLY LOVE some halloween ones, in pumpkin or jack'o'lantern, wizard hat, skeletons, bats, witches, or candy corn. Those appeal the most to me. I saw some halloween color (black orange) glass beads on eBay but it had no information about what size they were. The height doesn't matter (the hole has to be vertical then) but it's the width. If it is wider than like 6mm then it will put the loops of the bow off kilter. I could put the bead/shank on after I stiffen the bow I guess.. but I don't have enough materials quite yet to start that type of experimenting.

Next paycheck I think I will look around the craft stores to see if I can find any shanks or whatever. Maybe I can find something cheaper near Halloween and can experiment then. I would like to get a Halloween base of bows up on my Etsy for the actual holiday, though..

I did order a few things from eBay to get me started. They are just basics. All of them costed me about $4 which included the shipping. Heres some pictures:

I like the last ones the most, they are called Czech Gemstone Donut beads. Do you guys use any 'shank back' type of things? What do you use them on?


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