Saturday, August 14, 2010


Okay well.. it's now 11:30 PM and I didn't get anything done today. I was awoken at like 6:30 in the morning by my sister saying she was in the hospital :/ AGAIN. Well needless to say I spend the bigger portion of the day going to her house to get her some things and then spending the rest in the hospital until about dinner time. Then went to see my dad while my mom did something else and I got to have dinner with them. It was nice. Betty (his gf) gave me some little boxes to help me organize my bow making supplies. They fit nicely down inside the huge shoebox everything was in originally. So now they can even be kept together with the other things still inside the shoebox!

Anyway.. I'm hoping to get something done tomorrow. Oh, I almost forgot! When I got home this evening around 10:30 PM finally, I was surprised to find that ALL the beads I ordered were in the mailbox! How cool is that? And the turtle beads?!? OMG TO DIE FOR. They are sooo tiny, I didn't know they were that tiny but it's a GOOD THING! YAY!

Now to pray and hope for my sisters recovery and that it isn't too serious... Have any of you gotten any crafts done this weekend?


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