Friday, August 27, 2010


Well I did another of this wine color type. I actually made matching clips for people and not for dogs :) I like them, they came out really cute. I made a autumny one for doggies. It features one of the leaf beads I made.

On top of that I was able to find some staples so I could attach one of the sample bag toppers to one of the bags (I dunno if I mentioned I got them in the mail or not). I put some bows in it to see how it'd look. The toppers I have now I actually hate. I hate the way they are printing. I'm not scaling the image at all, my printer just seems to want to print it pixellated and weird. So I'm gonna have to try to get them done at a printers. I may make a whole new design for them all together. Perhaps a vectorized one.


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